• SAIF declares $210 million dividend

    To our group association partners:
    Today, SAIF declared a $210 million dividend for policyholders. The dividend will be distributed in July to policyholders based on their premium for policies whose term ended in 2020. The entire dividend will be distributed pro rata based on premium.

    This is the 12th year in a row SAIF has been able to offer a dividend and the 24th dividend since 1990.

    Like many businesses, SAIF has experienced some negative financial impacts due to the pandemic. However, SAIF’s overall financial position — driven by careful fiscal management and strong investment returns — has made it prudent to declare this dividend for policyholders. Read more in the press release.

    We will value and calculate the dividend at the policy level in June, and therefore we won’t know the amount that will be applied to each policyholder until then. 

    More detailed information regarding the dividend, including FAQs, will be available on saif.com in June.

    We appreciate the contributions and assistance of all our group association partners during these challenging times.

    If you have questions, please contact me or your group program manager:

    Pat Morrill (patmor@saif.com)
    Lyn Zielinski-Mills (lynzie@saif.com)

    Christy Witzke
    Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Communication

  • OTA President & CEO, Jana Jarvis